About us

About us

QuickCap are produced by Kokille

Company Profile

Since 1974, Tåsinge Kokillestøberi A/S has been supplying high-quality molded aluminum castings with exemplary service and at competitive prices.

In our production we use high quality raw materials, and our modern process equipment and technology ensures that the customer gets the best quality and items delivered at the agreed time.

Attention to detail and an exemplary level of service is prevalent in all aspects of our business. We will do our best to solve all problems to the best of our ability.


We want the name Kokille to be synonymous with quality and service, which ensures that we are chosen as the supplier of postcaps and custom-made castings.


Family Business

At Tåsinge Kokillestøberi A/S, a handful of dedicated and competent employees with over 30 years of experience work. The company is today run by married couple Lotte Degnbol Hansen and Michael Hansen.

Tåsinge Kokillestøberi A/S was founded in 1974 by Erik Hansen. In 1996, his son Michael Hansen joined as co-owner, and when Erik Hansen retired in 2008, Lotte Degnbol Hansen took over Erik Hansen's ownership stake.


In addition to casting industrial products for the industry (www.alucast.dk), the company has launched proprietary products such as tops for fence posts (www.kokille.dk) and developed a new musical instrument (www.aluphone.dk)

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Music in the postcaps

At a construction fair in Stockholm, where Michael Hansen exhibited postcaps, he met musician Kai Stensgaard, who performed with a stomp show. Kai was intrigued by the sound the postcaps produce, and this was the beginning of collaboration between the Musician and Kokille. Together they experimented with tuning the postcaps, and in 2011 they patented and presented a new musical instrument, the Aluphone. For more information about Aluphone, visit www.aluphone.dk

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